Sunday, June 29, 2014

Closed Due To Rain

Fortunately the rain moved off to the east last Monday by the time we were to meet for sketching in the Sculpture Garden on the north side of the Art Institute. Altho skies were gray for most of the afternoon, temperatures were warm and humidity kept the watercolor washes from drying too quickly. My first sketch was of a Calder sculpture in the garden, which needs a few finishing touches. My attention was given to the row of unopened umbrellas over small tables. I love umbrellas altho they are often much harder to draw or paint than I expect. This red one turned out well for a quick study and it joins the ranks of umbrella sketches. Perhaps I should do a few more and have an umbrella exhibit!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Down By The Riverside

Monday was as beautiful a day as you could wish to have for painting outside! We were along the Chicago Riverwalk, just east of Michigan Avenue on the north side of river. This sketch is of a boat that was moored and not in use so it was a good non moving subject! The sun was bright and I tried to keep it simple. This was the second of two sketches I did. The area is rich with subject matter and space to sit and paint so I hope we will return here in the early fall for another session.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Painting at Millenenium Park

It has been a couple of busy weeks since this was painted, but it was one of the nicer days I have spent at the Lurie Garden. Finally, we got there to paint and sketch while the tulips were still lovely and plentiful! This was the second of two small paintings from our visit, I was sitting near the center of the garden and looking north. I will post the other one later.