Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The End.....

So the Field's Project 2011 has come to an end. It was another great experience, a wonderful host family, interesting artists, great locations to paint! Only the weather was a problem at times, too much damp, rainy, humid air for successful watercolor painting a couple of days. But there were other things to see and do, as always. The Bocker's railroad spur and storage operation in Polo was amazing to see, a visit to the John Deere Historical site was interesting and I stopped in the Next Picture Show Gallery in Dixon to see the IWS National Exhibit with another artist. This was my fifth time to be a part of the Field's Project, I could probably do it 5 more times and still not feel like I have seen and done everything. Hopefully, there are some good paintings to come out of this year's experience. The photo above is of the 13 artists that were a part of the 2011 Field's Project and was taken after the pot luck dinner on Saturday night at Mix Park in Oregon, IL

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