Friday, June 20, 2008

Across the Road from the Airport

I pulled into the airport yesterday to turn around and liked this view
so much I decided to stay right there and paint. No airport security
to chase me away so it was a good spot to work. Today Barb's farm was
open to any of the artists that wanted to come and paint. We went for
our plane ride at 9:30 and it was a perfect ride, no bumps at all! The
field designs turned out nicely. I find the portrait of Lincoln
amazing. All of the designs were marked out on grided fields using GPS
that the farmers use. They use multi colored flags and then mow the
designs by following the correct flags.
The rain and storms went north and south of us today and made for some
interesting skies. I painted until 3 and then went to visit Gary and
Judy Bocker, my first host family. Gary had quadruple bypass 4 weeks
ago on Wednesday so they are not hosting this year. This evening I
spent preparing work for the fair on Sunday. Saturday night is the
closing picnic so tomorrow is the last chance to finish everything up.

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Christopher Mockenhaupt said...

I love your artwork. you're really quite talented. I also liked the short writing "across from the airport". I also am an artist. If you'd like, you can check out some of my work on my blog