Thursday, June 19, 2008

The View From Silver Creek

I spent part of the afternoon painting near this creek. Under the
shade of four tall trees, I had a view of the valley all the way to
the Rock River. During the morning, I went to some locations nearby
and finished three small paintings and came back to the house to have
lunch with Barb. After lunch, Barb took me for a tour of her farm on
her ATV! What fun! She has about 370 acres, close to 270 are in corn,
several hay fields, and the rest is pasture for the Black Angus herd.
It quite an operation and beautiful land! I got some great shots of
the cows on my camera which I will be able to post next week. Tomorrow
we will be painting on her place, so I will have to get some more
pictures. Also tomorrow are the much anticipated plane rides to see
the completed field designs! There are 3 designs plus the ones done by
the high school students last month. Tonite was a cookout for the
artists and host families and the home of Joe and Donna Popp, members
of the Fields committee.

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