Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yikes Stripes!

This is what happens when I meet up with a nearly 100 year old barn!

Today we were on a farm that was created by Grayson Welty in 1907. It
is still owned by his descendants, now into the fourth generation.
There were 7 artists on this site today, we all took lunch together
with the current owner, John Croft. The weather was again picture
I started with a small watercolor sketch and then decided to venture
into a larger work. This is the largest painting I have ever completed
outdoors, it measures 20x14. Usually, I don't work larger than 11x14
when outside.
I forgot to include info with the photo of the "Blackhawk" statue that
I posted ok Sunday. Done by Laredo Taft and his students, it is the
second largest concrete statue in the world. The head and shoulders
were cast separately and had to be joined with the body using a slurry
made mainly of cement and applesauce. Taft meant it to be a symbol of
proud Native Americans, but the name Blackhawk has stuck with it altho
it looks nothing like him. He stands proudly above the Rock River.

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Chris Foh said...

I love the stripes. With the 4th of July coming you need a few stars.. . maybe a flag on the farm? I'm glad the weather has been great. The country side is so beautiful, you have so much to inspire new paintings! Wish we could come to the show tomorrow, but we have bridge.