Monday, June 23, 2008

Closing thoughts and Looking Forward

The suitcase is unpacked, the laundry done, the mail opened, the bills paid and some errands have been accomplished.  It is now quiet and I have a few moments to reflect on the past week.

Each time I have returned to the Fields Project, I think it can't possibly be better than the previous year and yet it always is somehow, in some way better. This year the weather was perfect, the paintings location had so much to offer and the chance to interact with other artists and share ideas and thoughts was particularly special.  I painted a lot and feel I learned more about painting and have some new thoughts for new directions for my work in the coming months. I got to meet some interesting farmers and artists and I know I have made more than I few new friends. I learned about Barb Samsel's farm operation, her herd of Black Angus, and more about many of the difficulties that face the family farms these days.  Altho the price of a bushel of corn has risen higher, so have the other costs of the farm operation, the work is hard but the reward are great.

While the actual week of the Fields Project is over, my connections with the artists and the community will continue.  The Wrapped Bin will remain in place for the summer.  Finished for the Summer Solstice, the plan is to unwrap the bin at the  Vernal Equinox in September and I hope to be a part of that event. I will be seeing some of the Chicago based artists at events over the summer here in the city and may get the chance to return to Ogle Co. to work on another project this summer. 

And I plan to continue with this blog! It is my intention to post once or twice a week to share new work and activities in the arts. In a few days we leave for a long weekend to visit family in Taos, New Mexico and my sketchbook and paint set will be making the trip. I also plan to get out into the city this summer and do some outdoor work in the urban setting and I will share how that goes.  I will be having an exhibit of my paintings at Quincy university in Quincy, IL in the fall and will include details on that later.

At the bottom of this blog page are links to both my website and the Fields Project's website and I hope you will check them both out. 

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brenda said...

It looks like you had a great experience. I love the new work you created!